Our adventures are new, novel or remarkable experiences. The primordial activities and the exploration of unknown territories invoke excitement and give our clients a sense of accomplishment. Nature provides the background and we relearn to listen.              .


Step on a trail with us and find out where it leads.

We were made to be surrounded by nature. Many city folks suffer from one of the newly discovered disorders, NDD (Nature Deficiency Disorder). People don’t even realize they have NDD, because they don’t have the basic blueprint of what is ‘normal’ for a balanced, healthy human being. When we take people on adventure journeys, our goal is always to get our clients on ‘nature’s clock’ as soon as possible. In our experience, it takes the most wound-up businessman two days to start getting in tune with the ‘heart beat’ of nature. According to studies, it takes about seven days in nature to have all your biological rhythms balance back to normal.

When our clients return to civilization, they often find that they feel like a changed person. Because of the exclusive nature of our journeys we only design adventures for our clients. In the case you are contemplating to become our client, please feel free to send us an email to info@modernagewarriors.com

We organize adventures to many different locations all around the world, based on the desired enlightening goal of the specific journey:

  Africa            North America          South America                Asia                   Europe