Training a Champion Is a Balancing Act

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If you have ever been exposed to the insights on how Champion Athletes live their lives, you know that it is never the ‘one thing’, but a series of connected, coordinated and correct lifestyle choices executed over a long period of time that leads to winning.

Physically, the champion athlete is usually pushed into a corner because of the demand of competitions and seasons, which put a major stress on their bodies. Finding the little extra ‘space’ where they can work on getting stronger is a true art. Most athletes are doing way too much, but a lot of the time they waste some of their precious available time on activities they do not need to do. Identifying the ‘waste of time’ activities and replacing them with activities to enhance their performance is what we do.

If we say that most athletes do too much physically, then we can also safely say most athletes spend way too little time to perfect their psychology. Your body follows your head, figuratively and literally. We help to create the robust mental strength needed to win by using education, traditional rituals and implementing mind-tools that work.

I have never met a Champion Athlete who didn’t approach life with a certain sense of spirituality. Diving into this ‘hard to define’ subject is the future of the modern athlete. We go to the source of ancient wisdom to channel the framework to make sure our Champion Athletes not only win in their sport, but also in life. Magic never happens because it makes sense!

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