You Can Loose Weight

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People who need to lose weight are often committed to do so, but they have a hard time keeping up with their efforts because the results are not coming!

Besides doing the right thing we find it VERY beneficial to our clients to educate them about the most common mistakes when it comes to procedures to lose fat:

– You cannot loose weight if you eliminate fats out of your diet. Of course I am not talking about transfats, but healthy fats like omega-6 and omega-3 fats.

– You cannot lose weight unless you balance the fat intake. People usually have relatively low Omega-3 fat intake in comparison to the omega-6 fats they consume. Making sure to balance these and consuming them in equal amounts is important.

– You cannot lose weight if you are stressed out. Balancing your life towards the better is not only important to have a better quality experience in life, but without it the elevated cortisol hormone level will prevent any meaningful fat loss.

– You cannot lose weight if you don’t balance the bacteria in your gut with probiotics. An out of balance gut doesn’t only take away the right mood from your brain, negatively effecting the neurotransmitter production in the gut, but it also prevents your gut from work effectively.

– You cannot lose weight unless you increase the digestive enzymes in your gut. You can eat the best quality food and the perfect amount, but if your gut cannot properly break it down, you might still end up lacking in nutrients, which will hinder all fat loss efforts.

– You cannot lose weight if you start with a higher carb breakfast as opposed to a higher protein breakfast. Properly set up your neurotransmitter system first thing in the morning to keep blood sugar steady during the day. The first meal sets the tone for your gut.

– You cannot lose weight if you read popular fitness media. The amount of misinformation confuses everybody and it is mainly geared towards quick fixes, which simply don’t exist. Confusion and unrealistic expectations creates jadedness, which leads to premature quitting prior to achieving the desired fat loss.

– You cannot lose weight if you listen to the recommendations of large organizations (like the government). Whatever is officially out there to inform you and promote ideal health simply doesn’t work. Labels very often contain misinformation about the content of the food you eat, and the ideas of protein/fat/carb intake needs are completely useless. When you eat whole foods, plenty of protein and fat with vegetables you will not need the labels and you will eat the ratio you need. Self-experimentation and effort to define the ideal for yourself is a necessary part of the process.

– You cannot lose weight if you have inflammatory stress on your system. Drinking an adequate amount of water and eating high-fiber is a good first step. Adding traditional anti-inflammatory foods like green tea and ginkgo will also further help decrease inflammation in the body.

– You cannot lose weight if you don’t move enough. Working up to the capability to have about 100 minutes of physical activity in your day is a must. You want to make sure you get to that stage gradually and via proper periodization. Overdoing one type of activity will cause you to burn out and increase your chances of injury. Lift free-weights/objects, do outdoor longer distance activities, and keep some activity present during your entire day (even just standing up from your desk for 1 second every 20 minutes).

Keep everything up long enough and the results will speak for themselves and YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT!


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