EAST Light


East is where the sun comes up and starts the day; this is where you might start your own personal journey with Modern Age Warriors.

We wanted to create a package for people who have financial limitations, but want to try to make some changes in their lives.

This package won’t make you an Olympic champion, but will give you a momentum.


After watching our ‘Movement Request’ video, we will ask you to send us a video you record of yourself performing specific movements. After careful analysis of your video, we will decide how it is the best to get you rolling into the EAST Program package.

Periodically, we will ask you to send us further video recordings as part of our reassessment procedure.


After your initial video coaching session, we will check back with you every 6 weeks to make sure you stay on track.

You will have regular tasks to complete including physical movements and some self-development ‘Campfire Subjects’.

Usually our clients who engage with us via the EAST Package eventually choose to upgrade to a more involved package, to further enhance their efforts towards improved wellness.

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