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When exercise experts talk about physical activity, they often focus on moderate and vigorous exercise — the types that get your heart pumping. Historically, light physical activity hasn’t been well reported nor much appreciated.

Sitting for long stretches of time has been linked to a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. And this sedentary behavior is becoming more common: a nationally representative federal survey found that in 2016, adults were sitting for nearly an hour more per day than they did in 2007. No matter what your age is, replacing some of your sedentary time with light activity will help your heart and overall health.

Light-intensity activities include chores people often do anyway, such as shopping, cooking, and doing light housework. But many hobbies, including playing music, sewing, or billiards also count as light activity, even if you’re sitting down part of the time. Doing volunteer work, such as helping in a soup kitchen, library, or school, is another good way to add more movement to your routine.

Modern Age Warriors has developed a system which helps our clients systematically get more active in a ‘no gear changing’ way. We designed our system with the following principals in mind:

  • The participant should be able to justify getting to the activity even during their busiest time.
  • The activities need to supply a sense of immediate accomplishment and also attribute to a long-term goal.

Even though elevating the metabolic rate ‘only’ might not sound very exciting at first, but in our experience this way of getting involved with physical activities is the most successful entry for people who have been sedentary for a longer period. After the initial support of this program package our clients often shift onto a more intense exercise regiment with us.

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