How we came about to do all this together.

Csaba grew up with a very athletic background. He started lifting weights at the age of 6, for no reason in particular. In his hometown he won the annual kids obstacle course competition three years in a row at the ages of 7, 8 and 9. At the age of 10 he came in 3rd in the Junior Hungarian National C7 Canoe Championship. He learned to acquire the attitude to train hard and be persistent, even when faced with the most difficult challenges, from his canoe coach and his first major influence outside of his family, Robert Weiss (the then young Robert later became a legendary canoeing coach who guided his athletes to win 11 gold medals  at the Canoe World Championships). Robert also made it clear to Csaba that if one wants to accomplish anything substantial, in any field, one needs to start with creating a broad base one can build on.Csaba took the teachings to heart and began to practice everything he could manage to develop a better sense of the human condition. As the result of his search, he became County Champion in his region of Hungary in discus throwing, shot put, and 800 meter running.  He also won the BMX Obstacle Course Championships, and even came in first in the Western Canadian Airplane Pull Championship.

Soon after Csaba moved from Europe to North America in 1994, he met  Paul Chek – a ground breaking wellness educator and strength coach- who helped Csaba to turn his practical experience into useable coaching skills.  At the same time, he also started his mentorship with Mel Austin-Tuck – a renowned acting coach. Mel guided Csaba towards the understanding of how to aid people in increasing their awareness in their relationships to themselves and to the society surrounding them through storytelling. Csaba’s mentors helped him to understand that the real power lies in both the human DNA and the human spirit. Throughout the past 25 years, Csaba continued to learn more about meditation, nutrition, massage therapy, psychology and the anthropology of human beings. His comprehensive approach led him to aid the lives of many world class athletes, business leaders and people from all walks of life. 

Today, Csaba has the good fortune of working with many wonderful people, teams and companies, all across the world.  Their improvement serves him with motivation to find new, creative ways to aid in improving their wellness, their vitality, their happiness and their lives.

The logistics and the complexity of dealing with so many different aspects of well being led Csaba to set up Modern Age Warriors Incorporated as a multi-directional wellness service company. Staying true to his beliefs in traditional tribal principles, he assembled the core of his company out of people he has known and understood the best for most of his life; Andrea is Csaba’s sister, Mark is Csaba’s best friend for over thirty years and Winter is Csaba’s wife.

Modern Age Warriors also works together on project bases with a large group of coaches, guides, instructors, holistic practitioners, traditional healers, therapists and doctors from the largest metropolitans of the modern world, to the jungles of the natural world.