Clients receive daily, training task schedules with a combination of physical exercises, meditation programs, and mental exercises. A variety of articles, and instructional videos aid our clients in the clear and precise execution of all tasks necessary to help each individual down their own personal journey towards becoming a more complete and healthy human being.

HOFA training teaches people to take control of their own health. HOFA clients can be anywhere in the world and still take full advantage of the benefits that Modern Age Warriors has to offer.  Through our large world-wide network we are able to build the necessary team/tribe wherever our client is based. We work together with a large group of professionals on projects all over the planet, including coaches, trainers, doctors, martial arts instructors and many other practitioners. We might connect you to our celebrity homeopathic and traditional doctor friend in New York City or to our herbalist who lives in the middle of the Amazon Jungle.

  • If you are interested to take full charge of your life and/or
  • If you have been confused about how to get or stay healthy because of the overwhelming amount of ideas ‘out there’ and/or
  • If you are just curious about how this could all possibly work for you….

…please feel free to contact us via info@modernagewarriors.com or send us a text to +(1)310.980.9448 and we will be glad to call you for a chat and answer your questions.

Blankita – Amazon Jungle

Dr. Richard Firshine – New York City

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