When the sun is in the North, it has circled around the planet. The all-encompassing NORTH package is a fully inclusive approach.

Most of our high achiever clients and our top athletes work with Modern Age Warriors via the NORTH package.


With the most in-depth assessment and analysis, it helps us to create the perfect circumstances for anyone to thrive. Our world-class physical therapy collaboration partners at Phase IV led by Robert Forster (PT for over 60 Olympic medalists, Kobe Bryan, Pete Sampras, Flo Jo, Allison Felix, etc.) are part of the process we provide to our NORTH clients.


We use full out all available science and ancient traditions with our clients to help them achieve their desired goals. The NORTH package gives us complete freedom to connect, to become aware and to achieve together.

Our clients’ job is to commit and to make sure to channel complete clarity into their efforts, so the outcome can be at its full potential.

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