You are what you eat.

What passes through your mouth will become the building blocks of your physical body – as long as you rest enough.  These statements seem pretty obvious, and yet people ingest all types of ‘strange’ foods.
 For most folks, following a few basic principals can make a huge difference in their diet, even without the help of a health professional.

Eat things which…..

  • are certified Organic
  • are local
  • are able to run or swim fast
  • are in season
  • are not wrapped in anything fancy
  • are green and live above ground (mostly)
  • were around even 15 thousand years ago
  • are labeled with short shelf lives
  • have ingredients you can easily pronounce.

Pick one of these things at a time and make it part of your life.  Wait to move on to the next until it truly becomes a habit, and then, step-by-step, you can transform your eating habits.

We also test our clients for their metabolic type, so we can give them the most specific advice on how to make their system the most vital. Having a healthy ‘gut’ is a cornerstone of a healthy life.  In the case you want to learn more about ways to improve your diet and your daily food intake, please feel free to contact us.