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Modern Age Warriors (MAW) Training Portal: Our one stop software is a vital tool in guiding you, and monitoring you on your own path towards improved health. The diverse capabilities of our Portal lets us utilize modern technology at its best. Thousands of videos and tools let us build and constantly adjust the most detailed conditioning programs for anyone, regardless of whether  they are starting out, or, if they are on their path to become the best in the world in their sport.

Brain Work Task: Based on our assessment of your path, the Brain Work Tasks are constantly evolving sets of tasks designed to trigger ideas, procedures and rituals to support your efforts towards a vital comprehensive success.

Video Coaching: Connection to your coach is key. We utilize FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp Video and Messenger Video with our clients to make sure location is not an obstacle for anyone who wants to better their health with our guidance.

Advisory Consultation: An agenda-free problem resolution system Csaba provides our clients. The most used tools of our North Star clients are connecting ancient systems of peacemaking to cutting edge modern education.

The 2.5% FLEX: We wanted to make sure that our coaching system is available to anyone who desires to see a change in their lives. This package is our devotion to bring top coaching to anyone, regardless of their financial status.


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