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Over 80% of people who run regularly suffer from running related injuries. The general and the competitive running theories disregard many of the optimal functioning aspects of the human body. Persistence Running is an ideology, which Csaba Lucas developed based on his three decades of experience coaching world class athletes, examining traditional hunter-gatherer cultures, and his life-long practice of running.


Interestingly, the Persistence Running principles ring true to most people once they are exposed to them. The principles and the process are not based on theories, but iron-clad logic based on a unique mix of science, archeology and experience, which everyone is able to relate to. While practicing those principles the practices feel joyful, and structurally ‘right’.

Practicing Persistence Running won’t make you only fall in love with the hard wired human activity of running, which your body was designed to practice regularly, but will also help you to reach your optimal health.


The key components of Persistent Running involve:

  • Head positioning based on the original purpose of running – tracking
  • Involvement of proper breathing with emphasis on nose breathing due to proper parasympathetic nervous system activation and physical orientation – smelling
  • Constantly changing foot placement, ankle positioning, knee usage and gate changes
  • Foot conditioning and establishing proper proprioception via the sole of the foot – being barefoot
  • Self-monitoring with internal measuring principles as opposed to performance monitoring with external devices such as heart-rate monitors or watches

This cutting edge, yet primordial way of using your running gate has worked for the San people in Africa, for the Tarahumara Indians of South America, for the Aboriginals in Australia and mostly even for the highly specialized Chukchies in Asia, for thousands of years, and continues to be used by countless other still existing hunter-gatherer masters of running. Once you re-learn to run this way you can never (nor would want to) go back to running the way (almost) everyone is running today.

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