Aging is optional when you rest enough.

Sleeping is the most important element of a healthy and long life. Here are a few simple tips you can easily follow to give your spirit-in-body the chance to rest at night:

  • Dim all lights low after 8pm
  • Do not watch TV, nor read in your bedroom
  • Go to sleep by 10:30 pm
  • Sleep 7 hours minimum
  • Keep your bedroom as dark as possible
  • Have all electrical devices unplugged in your bedroom
  • Sleep on your back, or on your side in the fetal position
  • Don’t eat big meals 2 hours before you go to bed (I will not mention alcohol since it would take a few pages to write about it’s negative effects, if it is not kept to a bare minimum)

List all the activities you love doing. Make sure you do at least one of them every day. When you do what you love doing, your being is ‘resting’ and fills up with positive energy.

People tend to be wary of meditation. You do not need to spend hours each day with meditation to benefit from it. Start slow with the simple, but very effective breathing meditation:  Sit relaxed in any position. Breathe comfortably, naturally and simply witness how you fill up your lungs with air, how you pause for a fraction of a second and how you exhale. Do not force or control your breath, just witness what is going on. If you catch yourself thinking about something else (and you will), bring back your attention to your breath. Start with 2 minutes at one time. Once you can do it without loosing your focus, increase it gradually. Try to meditate a little every day, rather than sporadically for longer periods.

In the case you are interested to learn more about ‘mindfulness’ techniques and their implementations, please contact us.