SOUTH Ground


The sun is high when it is on the southern part of the sky. The sun generates heat, warmth and as a result of it, people feel charged up and alive. It is the time when someone starts to get more serious about the processes of getting healthy.

There is a good understanding at this point from a client that results require some sacrifice. We wanted to create a package that would provide significantly more input from Modern Age Warriors to our clients than the EAST Package, but would still be easily manageable, financially, for most.

The SOUTH Package still won’t make you an Olympic champion, but it will give you a comprehensive taste of what it will take to make the changes you have been looking to achieve.

An in-person assessment or live video assessment is the jumpstart of the SOUTH Package process. You will also need to fill out some questionnaires, which will provide us with more information on where you are at in many aspects of your life. After analyzing the assessment and questionnaire info, we will decide the best way to get you rolling with the SOUTH Package.

Due to the every-two-week video consultations, the process is more individualized and we can make adjustments more easily as we go along. We do a detailed reassessment periodically to make sure you hit all the goals you initially set out for.

The regular physical tasks periodically will become more and more demanding. The ‘Campfire Subjects’ are more interactive.

This SOUTH Package often creates a significant forward move towards our clients’ goals. They often get very excited to see the potential that the future holds for them.

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