Welcome to our TRIBE.


Csaba /Chuba/ Lucas – President

Csaba has owned and operated  his successful coaching and conditioning business since 1996.  After moving from Europe to North America, he first based himself in Vancouver, Canada. In 2001 he relocated to New York and finally to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

Csaba has been a successful coach  to world-class athletes, Wall Street business leaders, severely injured individuals and hundreds of people in between. Csaba is also a sought-after speaker on subjects pertaining to the human condition.

Besides his education and diplomas in kinesthesiology, conditioning, massage therapy, nutrition and many different fields regarding the human condition, he has a very athletic background as well. Throughout the years, Csaba has competed in canoeing, discus throwing, shot put, track and field, BMX biking, airplane pulling, obstacle course racing and ultra distance running. He actively pursues to lead by example as a holistic practitioner and incorporates art, science and ancient traditions into all of his endeavors, both personally and professionally.

Csaba is the president and owner of Modern Age Warriors Incorporated. He actively participates in all aspects of his company.


Andrea Szocs – Administrative Services and Research Director


Andrea had the good fortune to work in a leadership role for Jones Lang Wootton (Hungarian division) even before she finished her university studies, where she learned quickly what it takes to make a company work successfully. She has university degrees in economics, in teaching European history, and her degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language is certified through Cambridge University.

Andrea’s interest in communication and architecture drives her to continuously expand her knowledge. She owned her own business for over twenty years while holding high level positions at various companies.

During the past seven years, Andrea has become an integral part of Modern Age Warriors and her administrative leadership allows us to operate seamlessly all over the world.


Winter Ave Zoli – Director of Media, Co-Director of Research

Winter was a ballet dancer and a Muay Thai boxer who transitioned herself into practicing yoga, ultra distance running and resistance training. Winter is a highly-accomplished actress and a producer.

Winter oversees all aspects of media at Modern Age Warriors. She is also passionate about continuous education and aids our research department in subjects relating to psychology, nutrition and spirituality.


Mark Tassy – Head of Adventure Advisory Board

Mark is the former CEO of one of the most prominent soccer clubs in Hungary. Under his leadership, the team made it to the third round of the European Champions League. Since he holds University degrees in economics and health coaching, he is equally comfortable leading a large corporation, as he is guiding trips to the high mountains of the Himalayas.

Mark is also an accomplished photographer who once was the official photographer of Hungary. He is currently the head of the prestigious Hungarian Backcountry Association.

Mark works with Modern Age Warriors as an adviser and adventure journey organizer.