West Golden

When the sun is on the west, it is when people sit around the dinner table and have a good sense of their ‘tribe’ at home. The true sense of a tribe shows up in our WEST Package.

This is a commitment towards taking your health and your wellness seriously. At this point a client understands that we, the Modern Age Warriors, are all in the same boat together. They know that their well-being is important not only to them, but their families, friends, co-workers and their ‘backup’ tribe of Modern Age Warriors. Making significant change requires more than one person, it requires a true, team collaboration.

Our detailed assessment with lifestyle analysis already gives our clients a sense of the serious nature of this level of effort.

The WEST Package is the framework, which connects us with many well-doing clients – let them be professionals of industries or lifetime amateur athletes.

Our WEST package clients eventually opt to do journeys with Modern Age Warriors as well, because they see the direct correlation of focused effort and successful outcome. The effectiveness of working together with the WEST package has been proven to us over and over again, as many regular clients involved with this package have been working with us for extended periods of time (8 to 10 years and some even as long as 16 years).

It takes a village to create success and the West Package serves as a great framework to build some serious vitality.

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